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Member Registration / ASI Members Sign-Up Here
« on: May 15, 2015, 07:51:41 PM »
Welcome to TSK.

Fill out the following and post it as a reply in this thread, and we'll get you sorted out on the forums and in-game:

Nation Name:
Ruler Name:
Have you applied to join the Seven Kingdoms in-game:
Tech buyer or seller:

House Paraphernalia / TSK-Umbrella MDoAP
« on: October 23, 2014, 07:51:29 PM »
Announcement from Umbrella Bank of Braavos

Two alliances came together during a rainy and stormy night. These two alliances are known as Umbrella (Umb) and The Seven Kingdoms (TSK). They became friendly really fast after sharing a few too many drinks. Now they meet up every rainy night at the same tavern to share some merriment.
-Article 1- Sovereignty
Each one knows what the other is. One is a Kingdom and the other is an Umbrella. They can't be merged or they will end up like TimLee.
-Article 2- Non Aggression
This isn't an average season of GoT. There shall be no attacking, spying, or anything else that would fit in Red Wedding scenario.
-Article 3- Intelligence
If a little birdy hears of a rebellion, coup, or anything of harmful nature to the other's stability and security, they shall share it promptly or else may be blown away in the wind.
- Article 4 - Mutual Defense
Both sides agree to call upon the banners to protect the other in the event of an attack whether in the form of military or financial assistance.
a. This does not apply if the attacked party is attacked as a result of involvement in war through other treaties. Assistance in such a scenario is optional.
-Article 5- Optional Aggression
If one rides to war, the other is welcome to ride beside them.
-Article 6- Cancellation
If we tire of meeting at the same tavern, we have to let the other know 72 hours before our next meeting, in order to give the other time to find a new drinking partner.
Signed for Umbrella,
JoshuaR, President
Roquetin, Vice President
White Majik, Head Envoy
TimLee, Legendoftheskies, DylanCarter, Envoys
Natan, Field Marshal
MrHiott, Economist
Domisi, Generator
Signed for The Seven Kingdoms,
Kesselring, King
David Stilicho, Hand of the King
Metalbot, Master of Arms
Lyev, Master of Laws
Jache, Master of Whispers
Kyte, Master of Coin
LandR, Grand Maester
Der Rote Baron, Master of Arts

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