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Application for Stenc


Nation Name: Stenc
Nation Ruler: Stencian Leader
Nation Link:
Nation Strength: 12,741.327
How long have you been playing CN?: 180 days
Previous alliances: NOA
Any outstanding debts to other alliances/players?: No
Are you currently in a war? No
Have you read The Seven Kingdoms charter?: Yes
Have you changed your AA to The Seven Kingdoms?: Yes
Who, if anyone, recruited you?: None
Do you promise to be a respectful, loyal, and active member of this alliance?: Yes
EDIT: Oh, and yes, NOA got disbanded, (everyone went inactive/got banned) so I guess my diplomat tag is useless now?

Comrade General:
welcome stenc. Glad to see you joined us. You have been masked as a Knight.

If you have any questions about anything just ask.

Welcome to TSK! If you have the right level of masking, which I think you should as a Knight, would you please head over here sometime in the near future and fill out a nation audit:

Just helps us get a bit better feel for your nation and gives you a place to ask any questions or ask for any help you might be needing.

Once you slog through the paperwork, drinks are on me. Well not really. I'll drink them with you but I'm not paying for anything.  :beer:

Filled out an audit.
Thanks y'all.


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