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New member: Lord Azix

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Lord Azix:
Nation Name:Ravendell
Nation Ruler:Lord Azix
Nation Link:
Nation Strength:1276.685
How long have you been playing CN?: latest nation 6 days
Previous alliances:None
Any outstanding debts to other alliances/players?:none
Are you currently in a war?:nope
Have you read The Seven Kingdoms charter?:No
Have you changed your AA to The Seven Kingdoms?:No
Who, if anyone, recruited you?:No one
Do you promise to be a respectful, loyal, and active member of this alliance?:yes

Prince Oberyn:
Welcome to TSK, I'm sure someone will be along to get you sorted shortly.


Comrade General:
Masked as a squire. Welcome to TSK. Since you said your most recent nation as 6 days, have much CN time do you have total?

Please change to the yellow team. We have a couple open trade circle spots if you find your way to the trade forum you'll see Foose is looking for someone

Lord Azix:
mm. i have no open trade slots as all my resources are allocated properly along with bonus resources. so i wont bein need to use the trade circles anytime soon, thank you.

Lord Azix:
total CN time should be around 5 or 6 months. This can be said to be my first alliance. So what do i do around here? like how should i try to be a qualified member or the likes?


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