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Author Topic: The Pirates Discover the Seven Kingdoms - Pirate of Parrot Order PIAT  (Read 1932 times)


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The Pirates Discover the Seven Kingdoms

Article 1 Preamble
      Pirates of Parrot Order(PPO) and House Baratheon (HB) come together after nights of feasting, sharing of women, and passing of the drinks. During the fest they have come to realize the importance of friendship, peace, and cooperation. What follows is the stating of evolving friendship starting as a PIAT.

Article 2 Peace
     T' alliances o' t' Pirates o' t' Parrot Order and House Baratheon come forth and pledge never t' seek destruction upon t' other, but rather t' work and cooperate together.

Article 3 Aid
 The two signatories have agreed to aid one other as a request for when they both need a bit of nightly entertainment.

Article 4 Intelligence
    PPO and HB agree t' keep lines o' communication open at all times and t' pass on any information that may be deemed important t' them or their direct allies.

Article 5 Cancel
    If either side wishes to cancel they have to inform the other alliance 48 hours in advance before it becomes official.


Signed for the Pirates of the Parrot Order:

 Captain- Lurunin of Brumin
 Commander of Foreign Affairs- Lord MonkhErdene of Haven for Peace
 Commander of Internal Affairs- general abmenaj of tardray
 Commander of War- SpliceVW of SpickleLand
 Commander of Recruitment- angus khan of new world republic

Signed for House Baratheon

King: Roland Deschain of New Canaan
Hand of the King: Almighty Hero of Land of Sky

Master of the House: Vacant of Vacant
Master at Arms: Avakael of Klaus Devestatorie
Master of Whisperers: Jache of Jache
Master of Coin: Vacant of Vacant
Grand Maester: David Stilicho of Lobria

Amendment: Since House Baratheon's name-change to The Seven Kingdoms on February 23rd, 2014, this treaty now remains in effect between The Seven Kingdoms and MI6. In the above, read House Baratheon as The Seven Kingdoms.
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